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XRIVO.com is a place to workshop your writing privately
with friends, share your work with a broad
creative community and celebrate writing in every form
from hasty notes to polished manuscripts.

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Built by writers, for writers, XRIVO.com has the tools you need to get thoughts down immediately, revise together in writing workshops, and share with your own creative community. You can also:

  • Give and get feedback with line-by-line comments system
  • Get a new writing prompt every weekday
  • Collaborate with peers to produce a single piece
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XRIVO is where any serious writer, who either cannot or (for reasons one can easily imagine) would not participate in an actual classroom-based workshop, should – virtually – go. It is so much better than anything else like it on the Internet. It is both beautifully and brilliantly organized. And, well, it’s fun!!

— Kevin Kopelson, Professor of English, The University of Iowa